Monsoon and Episteme cordially invite you to the tea tasting event and workshop. “More Than Just a Cup of Tea” is a learning together activity in a tea room setting. Sipping tea and learning about the history of tea and culture including etiquettes. Through the tasting, you will learn about the tea profile, tea processing and the relationship between forest, tea and people. The activity is also designed for you to discuss/share what you think and experience.

Event Structure 

  • Welcome to Tea Culture: A brief introduction on how tea travels from Asia to Europe.
  • Sip & Learn: Get to know how tea is processed. Taste 4 types of tea: White, Green, Oolong and Black with the dessert pairings. 
  • Tree, Tea and Me: What the forest friendly tea concept is and how a simple action like drinking tea can help saving the forest.
  • Healthy farewell: Serving a Kombucha shot as a healthy farewell to the participants. Talk about how we can create a healthy drink from tea and what the benefits are, including the DIY kit*.

*Kombucha DIY Kit is not included in the workshop. Monsoon offers the kit in a special price.

Kombucha DIY Kit

Date and Time
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 March 2021
13:00 – 15:00 hrs.

Number of Participants
10 persons per session

Ticket Price
1,000 Thai Baht per person

Monsoon Tea Asoke

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