Episteme is about the art of eating, drinking, cooking, and all thing food. We believe in the possibilities of flavor that come with value and aesthetics. We aim to communicate, connect and create a space for multidisciplinary communities. Foodies, chefs, researchers and creative minds gather to have dialogues and exchange both theoretical knowledge and experiences leading to new interpretations, movements and changes in food culture.

Our Missions

  1. Connect: We are an aspiring and creative hub for a new generation of informed consumers, entrepreneurs and professionals from multi-disciplinary fields including creative minds and producers to interact and collaborate through food.
  2. Collect: We gather and record lost and endangered regional cuisines, culinary know-how, tacit knowledge and ingredients with an appreciation and understanding of culinary history, arts and anthropology.
  3. Comprehend: We aim to understand what food means today and to identify the best possible flavors from local ingredients. In addition, we want to explore what is next in flavors and what future food can be.
  4. Consider: We believe in food culture and its relationship and impact to ecological and social issues in consideration to promote the socio-economic development initiatives.